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Disc Golf Retriever


(7 customer reviews)

Sooner or later every one of us has gotten a disc stuck while playing a course. Whether it is in the bushes, a tree, or a water hazard- it is inevitable. Instead of improvising with sticks, rocks, or other discs, we created a lightweight and compact solution for all stuck discs. Our retriever extends from 16” to 16’ and has 3 separate tips to best suit your any sticky situation.



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  • Rubberized Attachments

  • Multiple Attachments

  • Extends to 16 Feet

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Compact (16 Inches Collapsed)

  • Rubber Handle



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7 reviews for Disc Golf Retriever

  1. Garrison

    First time out used it twice. Works like a charm!

  2. Donna Connell

    Works just like it’s supposed to. Have had to use it several times, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Added bonus that it comes with three heads for the great price point.

  3. Lauren. F

    Love the fact that this has 3 different attachments to use. It is quick and easy to change attachments out. The water retriever attachment is great and then having the double hook and single hook attachment is nice for disc stuck in trees or brush. Definitely worth the purchase, saved 2 disc from the water already. The lifetime warranty is a plus also.

  4. Anonymous

    Well made. Excellent accessories. Amazing customer service. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. Josh & Chelsea

    So I had wanted to order this product as a Christmas gift but when my GF went to place the order it was sold out, so she selected a “next best option” from a competitor . Well this specific grabber came back in stock AND delivered before we could even get tracking information on the other order. We cancelled the other order. and I am beyond pleased with the Rogue Iron Disc Retriever.

    I emailed Rogue Iron for warranty registration since I no longer use FB, I didn’t have a way to complete registration. I was promptly saying that the email I sent with my contact info was enough.

    So far I have retrieved about 8 discs (none of them mine) from a water hazard, and numerous pulls from OB areas. Each attachment head works great!

    I like this product so much that I am going to ask for the Rogue Iron 6 disc bag with water bladder for my birthday next week!

    Keep up the great service and products!

  6. Jeff K

    Ordered a retriever in the same manner everyone else does, after losing one of your favorite discs in a tree and hoping it is still there by the time you get your retriever in the mail. Safe to say I was re-united with my wraith and have since recovered it again (naughty disc) and found 2 other peoples discs and helped re-unite them as well. If you are debating a retriever because of cost, forget about that, this thing will save you money in less than a season.

  7. Mark Cook

    The product and support from the company is outstanding. I was contacted by the owner shortly after receiving the product to confirm my satisfaction. In terms of usefulness, I have used the retriever several times and it does the trick! Overall great experience with this company and product.

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