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I have about 25-30 rounds logged with this bag and it is holding up beautifully. I hold 14 discs on the sides now, extras in my bag and enough room left over for sunscreen/water/bug spray and use the top cup holder to stash my towel/ sunglasses. Can't say enough about this bag!

Ben, Cooler Backpack

Ordered a retriever in the same manner everyone else does, after losing one of your favorite discs in a tree and hoping it is still there by the time you get your retriever in the mail. Safe to say I was re-united with my wraith and have since recovered it again (naughty disc) and found 2 other peoples discs and helped re-unite them as well. If you are debating a retriever because of cost, forget about that, this thing will save you money in less than a season.

Jeff K., Disc Retriever

I absolutely love this bag. You don’t need to carry 24 disc to shoot good scores. This bag carries 10 disc for me, large water bottle, keys and wallet. What more do you need? It is great playing a round without getting tired from carrying a heavy bag. I play better with my rogue bag. Love it. I have looked at a lot of small bags and my rogue bag is the best. Get yourself one. You won’t regret it.

Leroy, Disc Golf Sling Bag

My husband and his friends are all beginners at disc golfing so I got him this bag for when they play. He loves how lightweight and comfortable the bag is, even filled with water and discs!

Becky Kapes, Hydration Backpack

Well-made and quality item. I love love love this company and look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Jason, Rope Retriever