• Sooner or later every one of us has gotten a disc stuck while playing a course. Whether it is in the bushes, a tree, or a water hazard- it is inevitable. Instead of improvising with sticks, rocks, or other discs, we created a lightweight and compact solution for all stuck discs. Our retriever extends from 16” to 16’ and has 3 separate tips to best suit your any sticky situation. See Warranty Information
  • The Rogue Iron Retriever is the originator of using wing nuts on attachments. Due to how popular these attachments are, we now offer them for sale without having to buy another retriever pole. These will fit any brand retriever similar to the Rogue Iron Retriever. The rubber coating on the attachments will keep your disc safe and last a lifetime. The wing nuts will help keep the attachment tight, preventing it from falling off and also protecting the threads on your retriever.
  • The Rogue Iron Dice game is the perfect way to spice up your game. With 12 sides, this die will keep things interesting all round. Landing in spots that you don’t usually land, will force you to throw different shots. The die is water resistant and easy to wipe clean.
  • Easily take up to fourteen discs with you out on the course. It also features a water bottle storage pocket with a bungee and double barrel cord lock. Fits up to 3.5″ diameter bottles such as a 32oz Nalgene.


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