Rogue Iron Disc Golf designs and manufactures disc golf equipment to suit every players’ needs. Our purpose is to make the highest quality equipment, provide the best customer service, help players maximize their enjoyment of the sport and make the world a better place. Our commitment demonstrates the urgency to preserve the environment while encouraging the community to do the same.


Design and Manufacture Top Quality Equipment

Our criteria for top-quality equipment not only includes durability, but function as well. A super durable bag must also function at or above the level of the top equipment in the industry.

Provide the Best Customer Service

While building top quality equipment is the first way to connect with customers, great customer service comes next. We promise to answer all emails as disc golfers who are talking with another member of the community, instead of a business trying to make a profit.

Protect the Environment

While we disc golfers often joke about hating trees, we obviously truly do appreciate their beauty, how beneficial they are to the planet and the lines that they create on the course. We couldn’t be prouder to be a member of Tree-Nation, which is a non-profit organization that allows citizens and companies to plant trees all around the world.

Inspire Positivity in our Sport

Whether it is sending out fun gifts to people who return a disc or pick up trash, we will continue to do our best to inspire people to keep this community as amazing as it is.


Rogue Iron’s commitment for the Planet

We will plant one tree for every Rogue Iron Disc Golf bag registered.

Discover our Rogue Iron forest

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